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It’s Time

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So, it’s really happening…as this time has been approaching, everyone always asks why? And my response is always the same because it’s time. And I don’t mean it’s time in the casual sense.  I mean IT IS TIME.  (Venus and Uranus in double retrograde(?) kinda time.)  I am so excited to do this. I’m scared, I’m nervous, and I can’t wait to get started.

It is honestly a dream come true. #livinthedream  I feel that everything I’ve done has worked towards this, pieces in the puzzle fitting together.  I’m where I’m supposed to be. It feels right without explanation.  And I am crazy blessed to have a spouse who supports me like he does.  #teambruce

I’ve always felt a call to service.  I have always loved yoga.  That first class my soul smiled.  For a moment everything fit.  Today, I feel as though I found the call to yoga 17 years ago and just needed some time to prepare.  I’ve been fortunate to meet some amazing, inspiring, supportive, smart, nurturing, challenging, and funny people along the way.  And now it’s time to take all that positive energy and pass it on.  Nothing other than my family has brought me such joy, such peace, so many moments of clear, moments you want to freeze and just hang out in.  So, it’s time. 

With a happy heart (really been loving backbends these days?), we begin our raga.  It will have its own rhythms, it will tell its own story.  It will have its own flow and meter, and if I’m smart, I’ll keep practicing handstands, keep cultivating strength and balance to weather the rain as seasons change and life unfolds.  I hope I will see you on the journey.  I hope we will meet along its path and that I make the right choice, that I am kind and that I make an effort to do good.  This is my yoga, this is my path.  This is why I practice.

I’m sure I’ll make mistakes, I’m sure I’ll fall out of a pose or two.  But hopefully I’ve done a good thing for my community, a good thing to help those around me.  Hopefully, I will have honored their light by stoking it’s flame.

In that spirit, I invite you to come practice with us.  Come find your raga.  Come practice with some wonderfully fun, smart, thoughtful yogis who are called to shine:)


What is your Raga

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What is the song of your life? Does it make you smile? Does it make you cry or sweat/move? Does it make you want to freeze the moment-does it make you be present?  We all have that genre that fills our hearts-that one we literally fell in love with.  That tone and tempo that gets to your soul, it speaks to that need to be present.  That's what vinyasa is to me...that glorious beach day, the party with music and all your best friends-the ones where you get to completely be you-the vacation you wished would never end.  That's what my Raga sounds like and that's what I want to bring to the studio-that's my intent.

What's yours?  Escape an hour a day and find out.   Whether it's to renew, recharge, be healthy, be happy, or to be, say or do whatever; it can all be that simple. 

Set up. 

Show up. 



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Idea: commune living, paying it forward, it takes a village, call it what you want, it's all the same thing; it's part of staying connected.  It's that fundamental part that makes us human, it's a win win – triple win for everyone-the self, another, and society as a whole.  To me, it's yoga.  The classes, the physical part of what we practice here is just one part of a much larger whole. Granted, it's a part I don't want to do without.  It's a part I love, a part I'm addicted to it and I feel fantastic as I incorporate into my life; however, it's just a part. The big reason why I do it, is because I love the idea of paying it forward. I'm so grateful for my village.

My children have become the people they are for knowing so many ways, so many thoughts/views, so much love.  As this new chapter begins, I feel reflective upon the last years and I'm so grateful!!  So many people (parents, crossing guards, custodial and support staff), so many fantastic teachers, so many incredible experiences my kids have benefitted and enjoyed.  THANK YOU!  Thank you to those that get in the trenches with the parents associations, classrooms and out in the fields.  Thank you for taking responsibility, for filling a need and giving  time and talents to help others.  #feelingblessed #grateful #volunteersrock! 

Thank you for showing me yoga outside the studio.  Putting into practice what I see every time I show up on that mat:  that things are not always easy and that breath/mindfulness goes a long way.  They've never let me down.

Now, it's my turn to pay it forward.  It's how I've always viewed my teaching.  I want to guide, help, support, encourage.  I want to share the goodness I've found.  The fact is I've never felt bad leaving a yoga class.  In fact, I always feel amazing. And when it's gone, I miss it. There's a level of ease that follows-where things are simpler, clearer.  It's nice.  I sleep better, I eat better, I'm kinder to myself, I'm motivated to do good things.  Isn't that the purpose after all?  (Quote here)

Yoga is a so much more than a physical activity.  For many, it's where we begin, in the pose.   The rewards are vast; but it is just the beginning.  The joy is in the journey.  What is done in an hour on the mat, begins to seep into your day, into your spirit, and into your everyday life.  Changing how we see the world, how we see ourselves and how we treat one another . 

This is the power of yoga, this is the power of the practice. 

Show up.  Set up. Practice.



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All too often we get caught up in defining ourselves: mother, wife, rich, poor, happy, sad...looking to nouns and adjectives to describe/define who we are.  It's all a trap.  How about we think of ourselves in limitless potential, how about we think of ourselves as consciousness capable of extraordinary things, or how about we think of ourselves as simply "be-ing". Let's live our days with contentment knowing that we already have all we need, we already are all we'll be simply because we are.  Simply because "I be". Let's stop that internal struggle that leaves us feeling we aren't enough-KNOW you are.  Feel you are.  Use that to lift up others.  Shine your light, shine it so bright those around you glow. #happyplace #practiceandalliscoming #ragayoga #domoreyoga #shine #shinebright


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The paths are many, the destination the same; seeking ease the mind’s stress-inducing thoughts and emotional upsets  into the peace and clarity of present moment awareness. The benefits are profound and experienced on all levels, mental, physical and emotional.  It doesn't have to be complicated.  Find a quiet place to sit, sit with a tall spine and hands rested comfortably on you lap.  Breathe.  Watch the breath, draw your awareness onto this single act. 

Watch the inhale, watch the exhale.  Feel it, hear it, notice the body's sensations.  The expanse and collapse of the lungs, the ribs, the chest.  Refine it.  Bring balance to the length and quality of the in and out breath. Just be there.  Be present in that moment- in each breath, let the world around you fade, let your mind move to stillness.  Let the corners of the eyes soften, let that spread across your forehead and down your temples and into the jawline.  Let go of all you don't need.  Just Breathe.  #clarity #meditate #breathe #ragayoga #practiceandalliscoming #inhale

It’s all about the breath

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I often feel quite honored to do what I do and today had one of those stand out moments.  After class a student approached to share with me that her sweet little dog had ended her struggle in this world.  Through tears she went on to explain that her breath, her ujayi breathing, was what got her through.  As it all felt too much, she turned inward and followed those smooth inhales and the sound of the even exhales; she found her center, she found herself and she got through what she had to do.  She wanted to thank me for bringing her this gift of fortitude, she wanted me to know her gratitude. 

When given these compliments, my first thought is always, it's not me- it's yoga.  Cause it is.  And as simple as it is to say "just breathe". It takes practice and that piece is all on her.  She makes the commitment 3 days a week to show up.  She makes the commitment to set up.  She makes the commitment to practice.  And even though she often talks of her goals to gain physical strength, I hope she now sees how strong she has become. It's all too easy to get caught up in the achievement of the pose, or snapping the perfect post.  But, it's all the's always the breath. 

It will always be the breath. Ssssooooo, huuuummmm....

The Choice

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Shortly after my daughter was born, I made a choice.  I made the choice to be happy.  Until then, I had been making the choice to work at being happy.  I had developed years of "if I have thinner thighs, then I'll be happy, if I own a home, then I'll be happy, if I'm friends with..., then I'll be happy, if I cut my hair, then I'll be happy, and on and on it went...." A lifetime of waiting for happiness to come. 

The thing is happiness doesn't "happen", it doesn't come from earning it; it comes because we are; it comes because we choose it.  It stays because we continue to choose it.  For me, I choose it every time I roll out my mat.  Not to say I'm full of joy every time I practice. 

Yoga has never come easy to me.  I'm not naturally bendy, I'm not naturally trusting and I easily overthink, preparing for worst case.  But, I choose it because it shines the light in me.  It breaks off the layers of bs I try to tell myself, it peels off the layers of physical tension and mental commotion.  No matter what my pose looks like, it reminds me I am enough simply because I am.  I breathe, I move, I see myself, I move through myself, and I am happy. 

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Girls with Muscles

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It took me a long time to embrace my strength.  Growing up, it was something I tried to hide.  Girls with muscles weren't all too common or popular back in the day.  We were supposed to be feminine, sweet, pretty (ugh). No wonder I felt out of place.  Yoga was the first practice where I found the beauty in embracing my power and with it cultivated flexibility.  As my strength became integrated, my heart softened and I stopped fighting myself.  I found peace and I found the strength of belief, the strength of conviction of heart.  I let all else fade, didn't care the results and lost myself in the practice.  Posting this pic is still tough for me, I don't often show like this, but I think it's time. 

It's time to embrace my strength, embrace what I have become. #yogaeverydamnday