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Idea: commune living, paying it forward, it takes a village, call it what you want, it's all the same thing; it's part of staying connected.  It's that fundamental part that makes us human, it's a win win – triple win for everyone-the self, another, and society as a whole.  To me, it's yoga.  The classes, the physical part of what we practice here is just one part of a much larger whole. Granted, it's a part I don't want to do without.  It's a part I love, a part I'm addicted to it and I feel fantastic as I incorporate into my life; however, it's just a part. The big reason why I do it, is because I love the idea of paying it forward. I'm so grateful for my village.

My children have become the people they are for knowing so many ways, so many thoughts/views, so much love.  As this new chapter begins, I feel reflective upon the last years and I'm so grateful!!  So many people (parents, crossing guards, custodial and support staff), so many fantastic teachers, so many incredible experiences my kids have benefitted and enjoyed.  THANK YOU!  Thank you to those that get in the trenches with the parents associations, classrooms and out in the fields.  Thank you for taking responsibility, for filling a need and giving  time and talents to help others.  #feelingblessed #grateful #volunteersrock! 

Thank you for showing me yoga outside the studio.  Putting into practice what I see every time I show up on that mat:  that things are not always easy and that breath/mindfulness goes a long way.  They've never let me down.

Now, it's my turn to pay it forward.  It's how I've always viewed my teaching.  I want to guide, help, support, encourage.  I want to share the goodness I've found.  The fact is I've never felt bad leaving a yoga class.  In fact, I always feel amazing. And when it's gone, I miss it. There's a level of ease that follows-where things are simpler, clearer.  It's nice.  I sleep better, I eat better, I'm kinder to myself, I'm motivated to do good things.  Isn't that the purpose after all?  (Quote here)

Yoga is a so much more than a physical activity.  For many, it's where we begin, in the pose.   The rewards are vast; but it is just the beginning.  The joy is in the journey.  What is done in an hour on the mat, begins to seep into your day, into your spirit, and into your everyday life.  Changing how we see the world, how we see ourselves and how we treat one another . 

This is the power of yoga, this is the power of the practice. 

Show up.  Set up. Practice.




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