CJ has such a wealth of yoga knowledge, and she uses this knowledge to build a yoga class that not only is paced perfectly, but is also structured so that each pose builds on the last one...she really understands the sequence in yoga practice! I've taken CJ's classes for about 6 months, and no two yoga classes are alike! Sometimes the focus is on strength, sometimes it's on a specific part of the body. Her classes are always fun, challenging and not at all intimidating! She truly is a great yoga teacher!

Christine S.

I have taken classes from CJ for over 7 years. During that time, my muscle tone, strength, balance, endurance, and flexibility have all gotten much better. I credit CJ with making the practice mentally interesting, physically challenging, and fun. When she leads us through series after series of asana flow, CJ simultaneously describes the positions, demonstrates several versions of the positions to challenge students at their level of proficiency, and works through series after series making sure to balance the exercises for each right and left. While she is doing this, she somehow is able to watch and guide individual students in their conformation to their achievable ideal. In each class, she progresses through various exercises moveing toward positions requiring progressively greater flexibility, or near the end of class, moving toward the final shivasana. Her classes are never repeated and always new and interesting.” I hold you as a trusted friend and confidant.

David F.

I just wanted to tell you that your classes are fun, challenging,spiritual, educational and very inviting to anyone. Thank you for being the best yoga instructor at any place I've practiced!

Steve A.

Absolutely AMAZING Yoga teacher! I have been privileged to be her student twice weekly for the last 7 years. I have taken classes from over 30 different instructors and she is far superior to any of them. Every class is different, new flows, stretches and strengthening. She challenges us to our full potential and my own improvement over these years is truly a gift. I leave every class stronger, more limber and feeling 10 years younger. It’s not just the physical practice I enjoy, but her personality and wise words for a thoughtful and meaningful life touch my core. Her dedication to her practice and her students shines through. We are privileged to call her friend and mentor. Come try a class with her. You will have made a great life choice! CJ. NO EXAGGERATION ALL SO TRUE!

Sharon F.

I remember the first time I attended CJ’s 10AM yoga class. She welcomed me into her class, asked if I had any injuries and cautioned that it was an all level class and to focus on my individual practice and do what I could. After that first class, I was hooked immediately into CJ’s style of teaching. As a teacher I cannot say anything but compliment the positive aspects of her teaching style. She is disciplined, challenging, energetic, thoughtful, provides clarity in her instruction, selects fun and a variety of music (never boring and never repetitive). No two yoga classes are alike. And to the practitioner it is incredibly clear that she prepares for her classes and is simply not teaching on the fly. She is committed to each individual in the room; and welcomes everyone to participate.

Phyllis S.