What is your Raga

By October 30, 2016Yoga


What is the song of your life? Does it make you smile? Does it make you cry or sweat/move? Does it make you want to freeze the moment-does it make you be present?  We all have that genre that fills our hearts-that one we literally fell in love with.  That tone and tempo that gets to your soul, it speaks to that need to be present.  That's what vinyasa is to me...that glorious beach day, the party with music and all your best friends-the ones where you get to completely be you-the vacation you wished would never end.  That's what my Raga sounds like and that's what I want to bring to the studio-that's my intent.

What's yours?  Escape an hour a day and find out.   Whether it's to renew, recharge, be healthy, be happy, or to be, say or do whatever; it can all be that simple. 

Set up. 

Show up. 




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